Add Bibliography Problem

In the last couple of days, I can no longer add my bibliograhy. Instead, when clicking add/edit bibliography, an edit box pops up, but then does not successfully insert the bibliogrpahy. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!
  • edited February 10, 2020
    That would happen if your text cursor is already within an existing bibliography. If you already have a bibliography in the document, it should update automatically as you add citations to the rest of the document.

    If that's not happening for some reason, delete the bibliography completely and click Add/Edit Bibliography again to insert a new one.
  • I will try that. Thank you!
  • I have the same problem and already deleted my bibliography, it does not help..any other suggestion? thank you!
  • Carolina: Start a new thread and say exactly what's happening and what you've tried.
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