Readex import?

I know you don't have a translator for Readex yet . . . But I thought I would advocate for one and ask if anyone has created a workaround?

When I am in an article I want to create a citation for in Readex, I can click "Export Citation," which opens a new Web page in Firefox with bibliographic text:

N1 - Provider: NewsBank/Readex, Database: America's Historical Newspapers, SQN: 133664E692BDE1D0
TI - Chips
PY - 1904/04/09
JF - Broad Ax
JA - Broad Axe
SP - 6
CP - Chicago, Illinois
ER -

Can I import this into Zotero without manually adding each field?

[I'm new to Zotero, so apologies if there is a simple answer I couldn't find in the forums/walkthroughs already posted.]
  • That is pretty standard RIS export and Zotero can import it. The easiest would be to copy the text and then go to the gear menu in Zotero and select Import from Clipboard. Otherwise, you can save the page as a file and use the Import option in that menu.

    We'll see if we can make a translator for that site.
  • Bumping this — would be extremely helpful!
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