show all items including the sub-folders one

My Zotero show my only the publications/items of the current selected folder no matter if there are sub-folders with items.

Is there a away to show the current folders AND all its subfolders items at one time? (e.g. Citavi [which I don't like] does this per default)

Can I switch easiely between this views?
  • yes for the first question (set the recursive collection hidden pref to true):
    no, currently, to "switching it easily", though I think we'd like it to be more easily accessible.
  • Could you take this as an offical FeauterRequest?

    Unhidde all "hidden pref"s and make them avaialble in the options dialog. You could separate the option dialog in "normal" and "expert" view or something like that.

    Make this two views I described easy to switch and the user easy to know which view is currently in use. e.g. with a icon switching its face or something like that.
  • Pretty sure we won't do #1. There's a good case for keeping most of these hidden, both GUI wise but probably more importantly to keep troubleshooting somewhat viable (you don't want to have to check through 30 preferences every time). Which one should or shouldn't be hidden is an open question, though. I think hiding recursive collections was the wrong call, e.g.

    For #2 -- skeptical about an icon, but could be done via add-on or e.g. via keyboard shortcut (maybe Zutilo would already be willing to implement this).
  • BBT has a checkbox that allows toggling the preference, mainly because exports are recursive, and matching between what I see and what I export is useful for me personally. But BBT users are outliers given that export rather than citation directly from Zotero is the norm for us.
  • What is BBT?
  • *grin* It's really one of those "if you have to ask" things... sorry, really. It's a Zotero extension that is only useful to throwbacks who think the WYSIWYG revolution should have never happened, for whom LaTeX is a fetish, but not in *that* way (I presume). Normal people usually ignore us when they can.
  • Can you offer a URL? Never heard about that Zotero can be extended with other extensions. Add an AddOn to an AddOn? :D
  • BBT (which is a great tool for anyone looking to work outside Word/LibreOffice -- emiliano is just modest) is here:

    Zotero has always been built on extensibility. Other notable add-ons include Zutilo and ZotFile (both available on the mozilla add-on repository) and to a lesser extent the ODF Scan add-on that Frank and I wrote for authoring in Google Docs, Scrivener and other ODF-capable editors:
  • There should be a Zotero-AddOn List somewhere on the Website. The best would be a hint in the download section.
  • Thanks for the link.

    Are there plans to merge the plugins or some of their nice features into official Zotero?
  • Any news on this? I can second that it would be great to have a simple switch in the preferences to choose between recursive and non-recursive display of folder contents.

    @emilianoeheyns, I have not found the checkbox you mention in the BBT preferences.
  • That checkbox has since disappeared, sorry. BBT has enough (too many, really) preferences of its own, it shouldn't take on managing prefs outside its own scope.
  • Thanks for the quick answer, indeed it makes more sense to have that as a setting in the core program than in BBT.
  • A UI option for recursiveCollections was added in October 2019. View menu → "Display Items from Subcollections"
  • Great thanks - I searched all through the preferences and forgot to look in the menu ;-)
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