Zotfile seems to be corrupted

We can't download Zotfile from http://zotfile.com/ (tried with Firefox and chrome)
There is an error message that Zotfile seems to be corrupted.

Can anyone help?
  • Are you using right-click --> Save link as... as directed? If you try to open the file in Firefox this won't work.
  • I used right click safe (and open in Firefox) and in both cases the same message.

    The add-on downloaded from this site could not be
    installed because it appears to be corrupt.

    With zotfile-5.0.16-fx.xpi (and zotfile-5.0.9-fx.xpi) from the main site on Firefox 72.0.2
  • You're saying Firefox is giving you that message, or Zotero?

    You will absolutely get that message if you just click on the XPI in Firefox, because it's not actually a Firefox extension. You have to save it to disk.

    If you use right-click → "Save Link As…", you're never going to get that message, unless something very strange is happening in your Firefox installation. Firefox simply doesn't install add-ons when you use "Save Link As…".

    And to be clear, when you have the XPI file on disk, you have to add it to the Zotero Extensions pane. You can't just double-click it (which might conceivably try to launch the file via Firefox).
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    Firefox gives me that message when I go to the add-ons manager, at about:addons, click on the cog top right, and choose "Install add-on from file" and then browse to the location of the 5.0.16-fx.xpi file, which is 467 KB in size, that I have just downloaded from http://zotfile.com/ by right clicking the Download link at the top left and using "Save Link As."

    I am using Zotero 5.0.82 stand alone, and Firefox 72.0.2 as mentioned above.
  • Right — ZotFile is a Zotero plugin, not a Firefox extension. If you try to install it into Firefox, you're going to get an error.
  • Thank you! Sorry. I installed zofile into Zotero.

    I thought that in the past there was something that I added to Firefox so that when I click on pdf download links I am given (in addition to open pdf and safe pdf) the option to save to Zotero. I used to have that feature, and I thought it was Zotfile that gave it to me.
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    That was a feature of Zotero for Firefox. Firefox extensions can no longer modify the Firefox interface like that. See "Are there any features that are no longer available?" from the Zotero 5 and Firefox FAQ from 2017.

    Note, though, that Firefox will preview PDFs in-browser by default, and when you have it set that way, you can just click the Save to Zotero button to save the PDF to Zotero and have it run PDF metadata retrieval. This is only an issue if have Firefox set to download PDFs.
  • I see. Thank you. Thanks again. I will try that (Save to Zotero Button)
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