New Web Library Beta

DRAB oh so drab because is so unremittingly gray and white.


Color to highlight important things.
Color to make folders pop (like it current version)

Judicious use of color helps people find things, organize things (like the change folder color option in Google Drive), and generally navigate easier.

This reminds me of the jokes that were made about Soviet Russia "fashion" - can have any color you want so long as gray.

  • I popped in to say that, personally, I *LOVE* the new beta design. I'm kind of hoping the desktop app gets a visual UI refresh towards this, something similar to the Tropy app, for instance.

    That being said, going with the default design but allowing for users to insert pops of color, as @Renman said, is never a bad choice. I do tend to organize my tags with specific colors so I can identify them easily.
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