2.0b6.2 sync error: "Uploaded data not well-formed"; error report 168783016

Hi. First ever post so let me just say: love your work; truly awesome tool.

Sometime between updating to the 2.0b6.2 version and adding a few dozen new items, sync has started to fail with the error message: "Uploaded data not well-formed." I've hunted around the forums etc and I can see this is likely related to an invalid character somewhere, probably in an attachment filename. I've run ff3.5 with Zotero debug active (level 5) and captured the output log, but I just can't see where the offending line/character would be -- I'm guessing the error id actually matches something visible only from the server? (if not please let me know, happy to debug myself!)

I submitted error report 168783016 and will email the output log to support.

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