Rename with connector not working

When I click 'save to Zotero' in with Zotero Connector in Firefox, downloadable pdfs are automatically attached in Zotero, but are not automatically renamed using parent metadata. If I drag-and-drop a pdf onto an item in Zotero, it is automatically renamed. I have 'automatically rename attachment files using parent metadata' checked. I'm using Zotero 5.0.53 and Firefox 61.0.1 64-bit.

Is there a way to automatically rename attachments when using the Firefox connector? Thanks.
  • Hi, I am still looking for help on this.
  • They actually are renamed -- you can tell by looking in the right-hand panel or using Show File. Zotero has a separate concept of an attachment title, which is what you see in the middle panel and which is typically something like "Full text PDF" for PDF attachments.
  • Thanks, so when I "Rename file from Parent Metadata", it renames both the filename and the attachment title?

    Is it intended behavior to automatically rename one but not the other?

    Is there any way to automatically rename the attachment title as well as the file? Or does that have to be done manually?
  • @dstillman I thought that both the file and attachment title were renamed by Zotero‚Äôs automatic renaming?
  • @realtime99 I do believe it's intended, yes. Keeping the title has some benefits in allowing searches for PDFs from a certain site or of a certain type.

    Using the ZotFile add-on renames both, even if you keep storing the file as a Zotero attachment (as I'd typically recommend you do).
  • I do use ZotFile, but I have it "use Zotero to rename". For others, I just confirmed that if I make ZotFile rename instead, it works for renaming files added using the connector. Thanks.
  • would it be possible to add an option in the general preferences panel where we could make attachment title change automatic?
    there really isn't any use case for me having a load of titles saying 'full text pdf' and manually renaming them is the kind of thing that should be user-optional, I think.
  • there really isn't any use case for me having a load of titles saying 'full text pdf'
    Is there a use case for having them all just be repeats of the metadata in the parent item? As adamsmith says, there can be some benefits to the current approach, and including metadata can actually create more false positives in searches.
  • I am using an up-to-date zotero and zotero connector. I have Zotfile set to automatically rename (and thus move to an external location) any attachments. When adding content using Zotero connector, the file is not moved (and I would like it moved automatically).
  • I am using the same settings as lasergyro and also not getting the file moved when the zotero connector is used. I also would like it moved automatically.
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