Zotero beta now won't add page numbers in Word

I just downloaded the beta Zotero to get the Safari connector working, and all that has been solved, but now when I'm working with the Word (Mac 2011) add-on, it doesn't recognize or add page numbers anymore. Can someone help?
  • Could you say what you mean by that, exactly? What are you trying and what's happening?
  • I am adding a citation in Word, I choose the source, and then I put a comma and the relevant page numbers, and they stay there, but hitting enter doesn't input it. With the comma and page numbers, the citation won't go into the document. If I remove those, then hit enter, the citation adds as usual as the full note but without page numbers (for a book). I had the same issue with a journal article except that the full citation included the article page numbers; it just wouldn't let me put in specific relevant pages.
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    If I'm understanding correctly, the problem is that you don't need to add a comma when inputting pages. (Note that the style selected will determine the formatting, including whether or not a comma is added in the citation. You don't need to type that manually.)

    (If you are trying to add complex page numbers including a comma, then you can do that by clicking on the item to open the detailed pop up then typing whatever you want in the page field. But the main citation bar should allow you to add just simple numbers/ranges.)
  • I tried that too. Not adding the comma and just typing in page numbers doesn't do it either.
  • Sorry, you need to type a colon for that to work, not only numbers. (In some cases numbers alone will be added, but that's inconsistent. For example, if you type an author's name and numbers at the same time before selecting the item. Sometimes I accidentally get the year or part of the year as a page number. Regardless, if in doubt just click on the item to edit the page number field.)
  • The colon doesn't work either. It was all fine until I installed the newest Zotero (the beta) two days ago so the safari connector would work.
  • It looks like there's a regression in the beta where typing "p.123" or similar after making a selection no longer works. We'll fix that before 5.0.81.

    You can still add a page number either by clicking on the blue bubble and entering a page number in the popup. You can also just type the page number before you make a selection from the drop-down, either after a space or after a colon (or various other things, I think). E.g., type "smith 2013" and then make a selection from the search results and it will turn into a "Smith, p. 123" bubble.
  • @slmiller87: This is fixed in the latest Zotero beta — thanks for reporting.
  • Fixed now in 5.0.81.
  • I am running 5.0.81 and still having the same problem. I must now click on the work and add page number in the pop up, where before a space and then page number in the citation bar worked perfectly.
  • p.s. entering the page number prior to selecting from the drop-down does not work either.
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    After making a selection, type "p123" or "p.123" to add a page number. It's now possible to search for items with numbers alone, which is why just adding a number alone is no longer sufficient for a page number (and also isn't the documented way of doing this).

    But it does look like the fix for adding a page number after making a selection broke the ability to add a page number before making a selection. I've created an issue to fix that for 5.0.82.
  • Perfect. That works well. Thank you for the explanation!
  • We've made some further refinements in the latest Zotero beta, so this should now be better than ever:

    1) It's now possible to type page numbers with or without "p" before or after making a selection.

    2) For the first citation, you can search by number alone. After making a selection, if you want to search for an additional citation by number, you just have to press the spacebar first, which will lock the previously entered selection and prevent a number alone from turning into a page number. Clicking on a bubble and entering a page number in the popup also locks the citation.

    3) If you add an additional citation in the same dialog and it's sorted earlier in the list, typing a page number will now properly apply to that citation rather than to the right-most citation.

    4) You can move between citations with the left/right arrow keys and use "p123" (the "p" is required in this case) to add or overwrite the locator for the citation to the left of the cursor.
  • These changes are now available in Zotero 5.0.82.
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