Zotero collection mounted as file system in the Finder (MacOS)

It would be interesting to be able to mount on the Finder (or other OS file explorer) the Zotero collection.

For example, it would allow to index the mounted files system in DevonThink.
  • You can extract all your collections as File Hierarchies, it's not similar to mounting but it will allow you to do what you want with DevonThink.
  • You can just point an external tool at the 'storage' directory in the Zotero data directory and let it read all PDFs within that directory. For example, you can create a smart folder in macOS that shows all PDFs within that directory as a flat list.

    A Zotero library can't map cleanly to filesystem folders because items can exist in multiple collections, which isn't the case for filesystem folders without duplication (or hard links, which aren't really an option).
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    Export is not an option has I want to be able to edit PDF in both direction.

    I would like to have the directory structure accessible. Creating a smart folder is not a bad ideas but devonthink don't let me index those.

    What I'm proposing is to expose a virtual file system to avoid problem with duplicate and recreate the Zotero folder structure.

    I can certainly index all PDF, but I'm losing the structre. The best would be to have a read-write structure (as a virtual file system) than follow the Zotero one.

    Somethings like what can be done with https://osxfuse.github.io/
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