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Good morning, everyone. As the title betrays, I am a new and confused user of Zotero. Hopefully one of you can offer a little guidance.

My research centers around properties, physical buildings, and so I need research management software that allows me to create profiles for each property and list the materials related to them underneath. Ideally, this function should include the ability to upload an image of the property and basic information on a "title card," for quick reference on basic information about the structure, as well as customize information categories (instead of "Author", rather "Architect/Owner") and section off properties into different geographic areas. This is an academic pursuit, not property management in the way of leasing or construction, etc. Is there a way to rework Zotero for this purpose?

  • Not currently, sorry. Custom item types are generally planned but are likely still far off. For now, you're likely better off with a more general database tool that lets you customize the schema.
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    Is this program not open source? Doesn't this mean users can create downloadable packets for different types of research, with unique item types and a different user interface if desired? I should think this opens the software to boundless customization, but perhaps this is an embarrassing case of tech illiteracy on my part.
  • I mean, sure, it's open source, and if you know how, and don't need to sync your data, you can create whatever you want from it locally. But if that were the case, I assume you wouldn't be asking in this way. I'm just saying the functionality you're asking for doesn't currently exist and isn't likely to be developed in any official capacity for some time.
  • Understood. Any recommendations on an alternative?
  • Maybe also have a look at Tropy as an alternative.
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    Tropy website main/download page has been down, at least in the last few days. There is no way to download it at present.
  • Can't register in their Forum either. Not getting confirmation email after the second attempt.
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    They linked to downloads on Twitter:
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