Nesting "smart list" (saved searches)

Could you consider the option to nest inside folders a saved search? This would allow to have a tidiest library.

  • This is a common feature request, and it's generally planned, but no ETA.
  • Thanks for your answer. I would like to switch to otero but this feature is a MUST for my pipeline. I therefore encourage you to prioritise it.

    Manu thanks!

    P.S. I understand that there is no ETA, with any approach to it would help mean my move.
  • You can approximate nested searches by making a new search and listing the parent search as a condition:
    Condition ‘is’ Parent Search
  • Yeah, nesting searches would be very, very helpful. FWIW, I mean this in the sense of Boolian logic. For example research results must fit A + (B or C). Saving "smart" searches, instead of folders and subfolders, etc. would be much more efficient.

    Yes, it's possible to search a search, and thereby add terms, but this quickly creates large numbers of saved searches which exist only to meet intermediate functions. Also quickly gets out of hand.
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