Enable citations in Word text boxes


I am working on a paper that has images which I need to cite, and it would be most convenient to cite within the "caption" text box below the image. However, I get an error from Zotero whenever I try to do that saying "Zotero Fields cannot be inserted here." I feel like I can't be the only one who needs to cite something in a caption...

  • You can copy Zotero citation from normal text to the text box. But attention, this citation cannot be edited or updated in the future. If you need to edit or change it, you must do it in normal text and not in the text box.
  • Thanks! Not sure why I didn't think about that!
  • Great stuff! Still relevant. Will Zotero create a bibliography for the field copied in the text box? I better test it out and report.
  • No. Word does not permit Fields to be entered into a textbox. If you copy and paste a field into a textbox, it ceases to be an active field accessible to the rest of the document. This is a limitation of Word.
  • @bwiernik Yeah. Didn't work :(. Such a shame that MS Word is so inadequate for figures citations. I will use in-line with text object and place it in a signle cell table along with the caption.

    Does Google docs have this issue as well?
  • Would it be possible to "bury" a duplicate citation somewhere in the document using a white color font, thus making it invisible, but yet would show up in the bibliography?
  • @arggem Hmm...interesting idea. Picture in the table works pretty well though.
  • @Davidal -- I don't think Google docs has figure captions at all...
  • @Davidal Yeah, after I posted reread your post and saw that you already had a solution. That's what matters.
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