[aglc4] Citation Style Incorrect for subsequent legislation and case references

Hi all

I've noticed that the aglc4 style does not seem to handle subsequent references correctly for Australia legislation as well as cases.

Specifically, the Zotero style does not comply with rule 3.5 of the AGLC 4 in relation to subsequent references for legislation and rule in relation to cases.

**Legislation example**

For example, when referencing the _Competition and Consumer Act 2010_ (Cth), with the short title of '_CCA_', the following references are provided.

1. (On first reference – correct) _Competition and Consumer Act 2010_ (Cth) ('_CCA_') [pinpoint].
2. (On next reference directly after - correct) Ibid [pinpoint].
3. (On reference where there is >=1 other footnote in between - incorrect) _Competition and Consumer Act 2010_, _CCA_ (n 1) [pinpoint]

What [3] above should be is:
4. _CCA_ (n 1) [pinpoint].

That same issue where the full reference is placed before the short title for non-ibid references is also happening with cases.

Appreciate a fix or instructions how to fix.

Many thanks!
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