Can you change (edit) a library name?

Good afternoon

Great app!! Thank you to all the volunteers. Just wondering
if you can change a library name to something else. No biggy
if you can't.


  • Sure — you rename a group name from the group settings on the website. You can't change it in the desktop app.
  • Thks for getting back to me dstillman. I cant seem to locate were I can
    change the library called Wafer to something else. I have beeb adding to this library
    for sometime now and am afraid if I don't do it right I will end up deleting my
    library which has 1400+ entries. Any chance you could point me to a procedure or
    be more specific as to were on the browser side I should go. Sorry I am so
    brain dead.


  • Click on Groups at the top of this page, click Manage Library next to the group in question, and then click Group Settings.
  • Hi dstillman

    Got it. Thanks very much and Best of the Season 2 U

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