Citation unliked on Google Drive - how to deal with error?


In a pretty long document one of the citation get unliked and therefor was not in the bibligraphie.

I don't know how it append. Perhaps a copy past? But it appened.

Using Zotero always feel a bit fragile. The system can quickly fail because of bugs or user mistake. How can we deal with that? Having to double check everythings kill part of the benefit of using Zotero. Word build-in citation system is a lot more robust for example.

Would it be possible to have a function to check, report and fix common problem like unliked citation?

What is the most robust way to use Zotero? Seem like field are prone to fail.

  • We have had a user recently submit a very valuable report that will hopefully make field copy-pasting much less error prone. Unfortunately this is an issue that is very hard to fix since it's caused by Google Docs not natively copy-pasting field codes in the editor properly. Zotero Connector does its best at maintaining active links, but we will think about a better system to inform users about broken citation links.
  • Also, in Google Drive the field do not differ in color with the normal text. For example, a light gray shade on citation field would help to see when citation is not a field anymore.

    And definitly a "check your document" function would be great.

    Textual markup, lik the RTF Scan approach seem a more robust way. Sadly, not much improvement are made in this direction and RTF Scan citation does not have a unique identifier.

    The Scannable Cite from RTF/ODF-Scan do provide unique citation marker but odt seem overkill.
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