Sort by creators is changed...

edited December 2, 2019
I updated Zoetro into 5.0.78.
When sorting by creators in Creator column,
- in the past, English names come after Korean names e.g. 가나다, 가다라, Adam, Adler...
- now, Korean names come after English names e.g. Adm, Adler, 가나다, 가다라...
Is there any way to make Korean names come before English names?
I always use English for interface language.
  • @dstillman: Which is the intended behavior?
  • For an English locale, sorting English characters first is correct, so the 5.0.78 behavior is correct.

    With the Korean locale, the Korean characters will sort first.
  • edited December 7, 2019
    Yes. As distillman said, with the Korean locale, the Korean characters sort first.
    However, until now I have used English locale with Korean characters first.
    (I have used Zotero since 2011.)
    Is there any way to sort Korean first with English locale?
    For example by changing hidden preference.
  • No, sorry. The sorting behavior is defined by the locales and is standard across modern JavaScript implementations.
  • edited December 8, 2019
    I'm also not seeing the behavior you report in 5.0.77, at least on macOS. If I create an entry with author 'Adler' and another with author '가나다' in 5.0.77, and sort by creator ascending, the former is sorted first. It's possible there was some bug on Windows, or something specific to your system, that was causing it not to use the proper locale sorting rules, but this should've already been the case.
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