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Bonjour à tous,

Ceci est mon premier post sur ce forum et je m'excuse si je fais doublon avec une autre discussion.

Ma question est la suivante: peut on gérer 2 bibliographies dans 1 seul document? J'ai en effet 2 présentations indépendantes dans le même word.

J'ai d'abord fait 2 word et j'en ai copié collé un dans l'autre. Mon problème (très urgent, dsl) est que si je modifie ma biblio sur le premier, les références se mettent sur celle de la fin en mettant un gros bazarre dans mes références.

Excusez l'urgence mais je dois imprimer le document aujourd'hui boen sûr...

Merci de votre aide,
  • (feel free to keep writing in French).
    It's not exactly possible in Zotero, but what you can do is to keep things in two documents like you have been, and then before merging the two, make a copy of one of them*, use the "Remove Field Codes" button in the Zotero add-on, and only then copy the document over to the first one. That way, you're just copying text and the references/bibliographies won't get mixed.

    *you really do want to do this in a copy, so that you're still able to make changes with Zotero to the original document should you need to.
  • Zotero is only designed to have one bibliography in a document. Can you explain why you want two separate bibliographies (e.g., separate bibliographies for each chapter, or separate bibliographies for primary versus secondary sources)? If the former, the best method is to edit each chapter separately, then, once all chapters are done, to save a copy of each chapter, use the "Remove Field Codes" function in each document, and then combine them.

    (Feel free to keep responding in French)
  • Hi, i'm looking for a way to have 2 different bibliogrphy in the same word doc.
    The idea is to have one bibliography for my reference in the text, and the other one for the reference of my pictures. Is there a way to actualy do this?
    Hope you'll see my message.
  • What I would recommend is to use the Zotero Word plugin to generate your in text bibliography, then put all of your picture references in a collection in Zotero and copy them to your Word doc as a static bibliography.
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