Zotero database upgrade error

Yesterday evening zotero was working fine.
This morning upon opening zotero I'm faced with the following error:

Database upgrade error
TypeError: moreMenu is null
From previous event:

The options are either Quit or Check for Update.

What is happening? Any ideas? What should I do?
  • Ok it seems that after Check for Update option it closed it.
    Upon re-opening things seem to be intact.
    So far so good.
  • I’ve fixed this for the next version, but we haven’t seen it ourselves, and it wasn’t reported during the 5.0.78 beta period. What OS? Anything unusual about your setup?
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    My OS is manjaro linux. As far as I can tell nothing unusual or special about my setup except not using the default zotero storage.
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    @dstillman Now I observer the following error happening everytime I select an item form my library in the middle pane it says the following.

    An error has occured. Please restart Zotero.
    You can report this error by selecting "Report Errors..." from the Help menu.

    This happens no matter how many times I restart zotero.

    I've reported the error with the following ID.

    Report ID: 35005325

    I've also submitted a Debug ID: D1952571618
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    It seems to be something related to BBT, I've also reported on the github page of BBT. Afer disabling it zotero seems to function normally apart from the fact that the middle pane has been scrambled due to some information from the related info pane on the right now shows up as columns in the middle pane.
  • In case anyone had the same issue version 5.1.167 solved my issues. @emilianoheyns was very quick to resolve the issues :)
  • Yeah sorry for the disruption guys.
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