Google Patents: missing or incorrect info

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    I'm using Zotero 5.077, Firefox 70.0.1 (Apple) and the Zotero app to search patents on Google Patent.

    1. The abstracts and frequently the patent classifications don't download.
    2. When simultaneously saving a group of patents, the literature entry becomes seriously mangled (fields left unfilled, !@#$%^&*-type characters sometimes appear, only a single name appears under the list of inventors)

    Is there a fix? Am I neglecting something?

    PS - Saving the Googlepatent entries to GoogleScholar, followed by as .ris files won't include the desired data.
  • Can you provide some example URLs where you're seeing problems?
  • Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

    For example, here is the URL for a search which I just conducted a few minutes back:

    If you have access to my library, then you can see the result of downloading the fist ten entries of that search. They are located in the folder/subsequent subfolder path sequence:
    NLO - all collections/NLO - patent/Lumera AND Waveguide 1-10

    Those ten entries are also mangled.

    Thanks for looking into this.*

    There may also be other issues, which I will first search for on your discussion forum.
  • Hi any thoughts on this issue?
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