To rename the file without prime


sometime, a title of a book have a character prime ('),
and Zotero use this character for renaming the attached file.

How can I delete this character in the filename?

Thank you.
  • edited November 29, 2019
    Why do you need to delete it in the filename? Zotero automatically strips characters that aren't valid on all platforms, but all modern OSes support apostrophes in filenames.

    In any case, you can rename an attachment filename by clicking on the attachment title at the top of the info pane for an attachment.

    (Note that that will rename the attachment title too. If you don't want to do that, you'd have to either rename it twice, once with the checkbox to rename the associated file disabled, or you'd have to use Show File, rename the file on disk, and then trigger Show File in Zotero again, Locate, and relink to the renamed file.)
  • Ok, thank you very much.
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