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Hi all,

It doesn't seem that Zotero assigns call numbers to my references, like EndNote does. The field "Call numbers" is just blank. How do I configure this?

  • call numbers are - in some cases - scraped when you take a citation of a library catalogue - so it wouldn't be a good idea for Zt to assign them automatically.
    Not sure if Zt can automatically assign something along these lines to a new item - I wouldn't know how.
    Why do you need a call number? Maybe the same goal can be achieved some other way.
  • Many users in my library ask for this feature. They need the call number. I posted something about this in regarding COinS but none replied. Maybe we can discuss this not about COinS (IMHO the Z39.88 doesn't offer a solution), but about unAPI, embedded RDF etc.
  • If you serve up your MARC records via unAPI Zotero's MARC translator should suck in all the call numbers.
  • I have noticed a similar problem using Zotero to pull citations from the LOC catalogs. Instead of pulling the call number, it pulls the update information for the record (displaying initials and dates in the "call number" field in zotero itself--i.e. instead of showing NA1502.3 F34, etc. it shows jp 5/29/98, slc 3/12/00, etc.). My guess is that zotero is linking the wrong fields in this database-- but since the LOC catalogs are one of the major databases in use (alongside WorldCat, I'd imagine) is there a way to fix this without doing it manually for each citation? Thanks~
  • For WorldCat there are no call numbers pulled at all. My local library doesn't provide a catalog that Zotero can parse, so I use World Cat all the time instead. Is there something I need to do on my end to make it work for grabbing call numbers?
  • Yes, please add call numbers from FirstSearch WorldCat! Librarians need call numbers in their bibliographies. WorldCat labels them Class Descriptors. Unfortunately they are listed in
  • Connie - I don't see full call numbers in the FirstSearch WorldCat entries I look at, just the general classifications (i.e. the first the digits for Dewey and the first letter/number combination for LoC). I don't think it would be a good idea to import those into the call number field.
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