Change of Citation-Style AFTER project is finished. Help!

I need urgent help! I need to change my citation style and my thesis is already done. I have used the classic german citation model, which means I have cited in footnotes. But my prof. prefers APA-style and thus intext citation. How can I change that? Do I have to change all citations each one by one? If I go via document preferences (in windows word) and choose APA, then it changes some parts, but the footnotes stay as they are and there are no in-text citations added.
Thanks for your help!
  • How did you insert citations the first time? And what citation style were you using initially?
  • Hello bwiernik! I initially used a specific type from the university of vienna, which fitted to the previous style I wanted. It was made with footnotes and numbering. But now I need in-text citation instead of foot notes.
  • Did you enter the citations manually or did you use the Word plug-in (assuming that you wrote in Word)?
    If you used the Word plug-in you just need to change it in your Word file by going to the Zotero tab (in Word) and clicking on Document Preferences.
  • Yes, that was my question. Did you insert the citations with Zotero using the Add/Edit Citation button in the Zotero tab, or did you enter them manually (e.g., by inserting a footnote yourself, then typing the citation text or dragging from Zotero)?
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