How to cite a book inside another book?

I need to cite in MLA 8th a book that is compilated inside another book. I mean, there are three novels, a trilogy you may say, but each one is a book on its own, but in this edition the three novels are published inside a book.
How can I add this in Zotero, like a way for it to recognize a container inside a container.
  • You can add it to Extra like this:
    Container title: Title of the container
  • Sorry, I donĀ“t understand. Where I have to add that?
  • In the Extra field of the item (at the bottom), type

    Container title: Title of the containing book
  • That would work. But MLA usually requests titles in italics in these cases. Currently titles appear in quotes if we have a `container-title`.
  • The style would need to be edited to differentiate between chapters, etc. with container-title versus books with container-title.
  • Yeah. Sure. I can do that and file a pull request. (But perhaps we should first try to reach a general agreement if this is how these cases should be handled...)
  • Hi, I have the same problem. Did you manage to find a solution?
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