hierarchical tagging system?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering, whether it'd be possible to organise tags hierarchically: So, I have a lot of papers discussing geographical areas and I tag them as belonging to geographical areas on different levels. I would like to be able to have higher-level-tags automatically added. So, if I've got something on "Central France", it will be automatically tagged as "France" and "Western Europe" and "Europe" as well.
I thought a feature that allows me to develop such hierarchies would be amazing!
Or is there alread a way I missed?
Thanks in advance!
  • I agree, I would love this feature. In my view, tags should work like MeSH terms, where there is nesting within vertical hierarchies, but also crossover between horizontal hierarchical trees -- i.e. so that a tag can be in two hierarchies simultaneously. Of course, this would just be user-created tags, not automated tags. The no-longer-supported Sente had implemented this vertical hierarchical structure for tagging, and I think it worked very well overall -- I had used it for years as the primary mechanism for organizing a large library without needing Collections at all.
  • There's been a lot of discussion of this over the last five years, but no sign of progress or ways to do it. It would be great.
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