Advanced Search does not honor 'Collection is xxx'

Using the advanced search window, I select as one of my conditions 'Collection', 'is', and select one of my collections. However, the search results include items from all collections. This occurs regardless of which specific collection I select.
  • works fine for me -- could you provide a sample advanced search starting with the "Match" condition at the top?
  • Here is the sequence that I can use to display the bug:
    Search in My Library, Match all, Title does not contain 'zzz', Item Type is Journal Article, Extra does not contain 'NLM', Collection is Aging Senses, search produced expected results. Delete the 'Extra' line, then re-add Extra does not contain 'NLM', result contains items from all collections.
  • By the way, this is Zotero 5.0.77, running on a Mac mini running iOS 10.15.1.
  • The library I am using is stored under username lawesterman.
  • I can also add that setting up an advanced search with 2 criteria - attachment type is pdf and collection is xxxx does not work either. The attachment type is pdf on its own works.
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