Fire Fox 3.5 & Zotero: Ready for prime time?

I've been traveling for 2 months now and haven't been able to keep up with the forums like I usually do, so maybe this has been answered and I missed it. If so, just point me to the thread. :)

Is Zotero 2.0b5 officially compatible with the recently officially released FF 3.5 on a Windows XP system?

Anyone had problems?

Anyone not had problems? :)

  • I've been using FF 3.5 daily with zotero 2.0b5. My pattern of Zotero use probably isn't the most extensive stress-test; but for the basic stuff (collecting and editing refs, syncing, bibtex export etc), I've had no problems with my ~2000-item library.
  • Thanks CB!

    Anybody want to share their experience with FF 3.5?
  • I have been using Zotero with the beta releases of FF 3.5 for a month or so and have not run into any issues. I have no reason to believe that the stable release should pose any problems.
  • AFAIK the Zotero devs have actually been recommending updating to FF3.5 (the RC up until two days ago) to users who have been having problems with Zotero under FF3.0.
  • Great! Thanks for the info.

    I used to be an early adopter, but I've mellowed over the years. And especially being on the road constantly doesn't leave me time to troubleshoot much.

    But, FF I come!
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