Feature Request - Flagged

edited November 1, 2019
Search and Tags, including colorizing tags, help locate information in the database. However, the ability to Flag with color (as is possible in Apple Mail) select items would provide an improved dimension to tagging cloud. Flagging items provides a way to select (short or long term) without disturbing existing infrastructure. Item pane could have an optional column for flags.

Perhaps this feature exists in a plugin?
  • How is this different from just setting one colored tag as a flag?
  • edited November 1, 2019
    How do you separate colored text from all the other tags in the cloud? Flagging offers a fast sort selection without textural noise when you have many tags (i.e. a bookmark).
  • No, Dan is refereeing to Colored Tags:

    After you assign a color to a tag, they are sorted to the top of the tag list. In addition, they are shown as colored squares next to the item titles.
  • edited November 1, 2019
    Thanks, I see what you mean now and very useful information. However, in My Library listing how do you display the colored square in a column so that you can sort out all the colored squares in the library?

    In addition, flags in the existing paradigm require a workflow of tag - colour - tag list, rather than an item flagged.
  • You can't sort by the tag, but you can filter by it using the tag selector on the left.
  • I agree that is a different way that will change focus of My Library listing.
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