Group-Bibliography with restricted access on personal attached Notes

Is there a possib8ility to hide personal attached notes while working in a group library? The notes section is very useful, because of the built-in search engine which is why I would hate to miss it.
  • No, I'm afraid not. Someone can either see or not see a group. You can't hide parts of it.
  • I was interested in this request for note privacy, did some initial research, and I can see a possible route to use crypto.js to encrypt/decrypt note content. Requires url protocol handler and automation script as I suggested in another thread to create encrypt/decrypt buttons in the note pane. This avoids internal hacking of javascript API. But this is all theory right now.
  • I guess the only semi-internal solution would be to attach a text document of some sort and link it with a relative link then as for now? Sadly this would not make use of zoteros notes section and the benefits that come with it (searching in notes e.g.)
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    I am a regular user of CherryTree external editor ..

    I envisage that a link could be made between any Zotero note and a CherryTree note/node.
    This theory can be tested, using CherryTree command line.
    That is, binding a Zotero note to a CherryTree node.
    Moreover each node can have sub-nodes to any depth.
    There is an extensive search capability in CherryTree.
    On the matter of privacy CherryTree uses password access. But I do not use that since the XML format offers more flexibility for parsing. Indeed it is possible that a cherrytree translator might be written just as was done recently for Endnote/Bookends.
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