shortcut for delete item

I vote for a keyboard shortcut for "delete item from your library" - currently you have to right click, choose the option, then click ok for the pop up box. A shortcut key should bypass the confirmation box.
  • Like the delete key or backspace keys?

    We won't have a key that bypasses a confirmation dialog until there's an undo function or a deleted items folder.
  • I should have added, this was from my experience of working in folders- when you are not in the main folder, delete just removes item from the folder (which I used to forget), and then you have to go to the main list to permanently it, which was a pain. If you have a key combination then confirmation dialog less necessary, as unlikely you would have pressed key combination unintentionally, but point taken.
    As an aside, to increase keyboard friendliness how about first letter shortcuts for the right click context menu (i.e. a letter underlined to indicate you can press that key for the option).
  • edited June 7, 2007
    Oh, I see what you mean—yeah, Ctrl/Cmd-Backspace should be made to delete (as opposed to remove) in a collection. I'll create a ticket.
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