feature request (notes report to include full related notes)

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Hi, I'd like to suggest a feature.

Basically what I do often is to have a standalone note (let's call it N) that contains a long list of related notes (from other papers). Right now, when I generate a report for note N it will only add the titles of the related notes.
Instead, it would be useful for me to have a report that contains all the content of the current standalone note (N) as well as the whole actual content of all related notes.

The idea is that my note N contains a sort of summary/mind-map with all comments and notes (from different papers) that are meaningful and that I need to have together.

Thank you!
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    Good idea. After some thought I can see one possible workaround to give you this feature you request.
    Basically in each Zotero note you can add links.
    Now this allows web pages to be launched from any Zotero note.
    But also creating url protocol handlers allows custom links to be added.
    For example an external note editor (or indeed any application such as Scrivener or LibreOffice or Python script) can be launched through command line. You might even sync Zotero note with Google Docs. I have just experimented and this works.
    One useful external editor is cherrytree. https://www.giuspen.com/cherrytree/ I use an automation script launched through url protocol handler to launch cherrytree at a specific node in the tree structure. I can expand further if this approach is not clear.

  • Hi, thanks if you could expand that would be great. When I say notes, I generally mean extracted highlights/comments from pdfs in Zotero. Not sure if this makes a difference with your suggestion? Thanks
  • I have played further with the ideas I posted above. I would warn that embarking on this adventure might distract you from any important research work you are on. Do not expect quick results.

    I retract the idea about injecting url protocol handler at least while early learning about automation scripting. That does work (I have tested it) but it can be injected later. All starter actions will be external to Zotero.

    There is no definition of what OS you are using. I am on Ubuntu and I cannot answer for any Windows/Mac quirks.

    To get started install Actiona from here. https://wiki.actiona.tools/doku.php?id=:en:start
    If you are on Mac you are out of luck.
    This tool will allow you to drive Zotero (and associated apps in a tool chain) in auto-pilot (hands off) mode. In Windows a similar tool is AutoHotKey.

    Later I can contribute some scripts I have written in actiona code (which has extension ascr).
    Any script developed in the GUI can be run by command ..
    actexec myautoscript.ascr

    The code inners can be viewed in any XML editor.
  • Hi, thank you for the details. I only use Windows and Mac.
    I think this is too complicated compared to what I had in mind.
    Still think this feature could be useful to add in Zotero though.

    Thank you!
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    I understand. Certainly cross-platform automation is not for the casual experimenter.
    I am now using test scripts which auto-drive the Zotero UI, and extensions.
    I have picked up examples of the Javascript API as documented in various posts.

    [P.S.] I believe that Alfred might offer automation scripting specifically for Mac users.

  • Hello, any idea if this feature is being considered?
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