Zotero Connector "Zotero is currently unavailable"

Hi Everyone,

Since this morning I encounter a very consitent problem, which I fail to solve by myself.
Yesterday Zotero Connector was working just fine.
Now it just stopped.
The Zotero Icon in the upper right corner stays grey and does not change its appearance, no matter on which page i go. A grey "Z" remains.

I use Firefox 69.0.3
Everything is updated to current version. Zotero, Firefox, Connector

Zotero Status: "Zotero is currently unavailable. If Zotero is open, see the troubleshooting page."

I went through the entire troubleshooting routine. No success.
Pinging says: "Zotero Connector Server is Available"

No other Add Ons in Firefox
I activated and deactivated Avast - no change

I deleted and installed the connector twice. I opened and closed firefox numerous times. I tried different supported pages. I restarted my computer. Same Result.

I clicked on Submit Report:
"Your error report has been submitted.

Report ID: undefined

Please post a message to the Zotero Forums (forums.zotero.org) with this Report ID, a description of the problem, and any steps necessary to reproduce it.

Error reports are not reviewed unless referred to in the forums."

soooo ... what now? :D
doing my masters thesis. on the 60$ a year plan - if that says anything.

Very grateful for any help!!!!
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