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Hi guys,
Thanks for your reply first!
Recently I'm using Zotero to generate the bibliography for a paper. Here are several issues I run into, please let me know if you have solutions.
(1)inconsistent journal name when using webplugin to import the paper. Usually I went to PubMed, or the direct journal website of the paper to "save to zotero" in chrome to import the paper. But the journal name is not consistent. e.g. sometimes "elife" or "ELife". Is there a way to get around it when import or inside Zotero when export to generate bibliography?
(2)title case sensitive: sometimes it's upper case for each word, sometimes only first word. How to make it all only uppercase the first word?
(3)inconsistent journal Abbr, sometimes when I import, it automatically become abbr. I have to manually complete it.
  • Zotero grabs what the webpage offers. If you want consistent bibliographic data in the biological sciences, then I suggest grabbing it consistently from one site: either the journal's webpage or Pubmed. If you mix and match, you will get mixed results, or you'll have to manually "standardize".

    Case in point, eLife's webpage offers "eLife" as the journal name to be picked up by the Zotero translator, but no journal abbreviation. PubMed offers "eLife" as journal name and "Elife" as the journal abbreviation! Zotero, I assume, stays true to the source, and saves the data from where you pick it up.

    I'm sure standardizing all instances of eLife articles in your library could be achieved relatively easily (e.g., by using Zotero's Javascript API), but doing it for all items/journals could get tricky. Hopefully, others will pitch in with code/ideas.
  • For 2) see

    For 3) if you use the word processor integration, you don't need to worry about the journal abbreviation field. Zotero automates that from the journal title
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