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im writing my masterthesis and unfortunately my laptop is stolen. Can´t remember to create an account: I tried every of my e-mail-adresses for a password recovery but not e-mail is sent.
Is there any possibility to get accsess to my references and bibliographies? Deadline is soon and i have my back to the wall.

Thanks in advance
  • If you never synced and you don’t have a backup of your hard drive available, do you have a Word document copy of your thesis where you had inserted Zotero citations that you stored on an external server like Dropbox or iCloud?
  • Hello bwiernik,

    thank you for your answer! In my first research I didn´t find an answer in the forum but meanwhile I did. Yes, I saved my document in the cloud and with the software Juris-M I could recover my references.

    Again: thank you for your support!
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    Just to be clear, were you actually using Juris-M before? It's fine if you want to use that, but that's a fork of Zotero for specialized purposes, and it's certainly not something you would need or want to use just to recover your Zotero data.
  • No, I just installed Juris-M to recover my references. Here you can find the thread whre I get it from:
  • For anyone else reading this, I would suggest using this tool rather than Juris-M for that purpose
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