bibliography not automatically adding new references

Zotero 5.0.74
Libre Office Version:
Build ID: 1:6.3.1~rc2-0ubuntu0.19.04.1~lo1

when I add a new citation in my document it does not add it to my Bibliography.
To test, I created a new writer document, inserted a bibliography and then added some sentences and then some citations. The citations were correctly added after the text but nothing was added in the Bibliography section. Help troubleshooting this appreciated.
  • In the Document Preferences window from the Zotero toolbar in LO, is the “Automatically update citations box checked?”
  • yes, it is checked
  • If you delete the bibliography and then re-insert it, are the items still missing?
  • Ok. Thank you for your help @bwiernik.
    It doesn't work when I insert bibliography using office libre writer but if I use the zotero buttons on the toolbar of a writer document to add the bibliography it works. Good enough.

    You would not happen to know if there is a keyboard shortcut in writer to add a zotero citation?
  • Yes, Zotero and LibreOffice’s citation functions are completely separate and don’t interact with each other. Always use the Zotero functions.

    You can set a keyboard shortcut for the Zotero functions
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