[Problem, need to be fixed asap] Citation Format are formatted as the last citation numbers

so i want to add citation on my thesis using Zotero in LibreOffice Writer Document.
there're 40 citation i use, but i want to add another citation in between the citation number 22 and 23 and i want this new citation to be the new number 23rd citation instead the last 41. This problem showed up after i updated my zotero version to this version 5.0.75. So, how do i fix this problem?
  • Which citation style are you using?
  • So IEEE does this correctly.
    Are the citations still linked (grey)?

    Can you test this in a new document?
  • So, for example, if you place the cursor in the [40] citation and click the Add/Edit Citation button, does the Zotero window open with the citation already there (to edit the existing citation), or does it insert a new empty citation?
  • yes it's still linked.

    i want to add another citation in between citation numbber [22] and [23], but when i click add citation there's a notification pop up and it says that when i put "new citation" (it means it's entirely new citation reference from journal x that's never been input before on my document citation) and it'll be read in zotero as "the last citation" and the it displays [41]

    so more or less like this :
    ".....blablablabla[22], lmao[41]. So that jajajajajaja[23]..."

    what it should be
    ".....blablablabla[22], lmao[23]. So that jajajajajaja[24]..."

    also the reference list in the last page of my document becomes like this :
    [1] blablabla....
    [2] blablabla...
    [22] blablabla

    instead of this
    [1] blablabla....
    [2] blablabla...
    [22] blablabla
    [41](reference from citation number 40 became the last)

    *pardon my rudeness, i'm really in hurry since i need to meet my prof in next monday.
  • What does the notification pop-up say?

    What happens if you press the "Refresh" button in the Zotero toolbar.

    What happens if you delete and re-insert the bibliography?
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