Zotero Toolbar Not Working in Microsoft Word

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. We cannot get the Zotero toolbar to appear in Word, unless Word is opened first - if Zotero is opened before Word, the toolbar will not appear for the user. We are a small college, and use Zotero on open access, multi-login computers, so this is an issue affecting all our users, which we would much rather to resolve on our end (vs. telling all users to just open Word first whenever they log in to a computer for the first time). We are experiencing this issue with newer versions of Zotero, and not when we downgrade to Zotero 5.0.54. Our machines are running Windows 10 and Office 2019.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for workarounds we might try? Have others experienced similar issues?

Thank you for your help.
  • This sounds like it could be that, when you open Zotero, it's installing the latest version of the plugin, and that's not working for you for some reason.

    After opening Zotero and then Word (such that the toolbar doesn't appear), check the things here. You can also check the Word startup folder before and after starting Zotero the first time to see whether anything about the Zotero.dotm file changes — specifically whether it disappears and, if not, whether its timestamp and file size change.
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