Chrome extension not picking up author names or dates of articles

I am new to using Zotero, I was using Mendeley last year but Zotero looks cleaner and easier to use. However it is not picking up all the information I need for my references.
Would appreciate any advice please.
  • It depends entirely on where you're saving from.

    If it's not working anywhere, see Troubleshooting Translator Errors.

    Otherwise, we'd need an example URL to tell you more.
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    The URL you provide goes to a web page that the publication classifies as "news". The publisher doesn't provide any sort of metadata for this news article. There is no metadata for this item in the webpage header for Zotero to obtain other than the title of the article and its URL. Even the title of the publication is not included except in an unorthodox way.

    Often it is possible to obtain additional metadata for an article by by right-clicking on the Zotero download icon, following the sub-menu and selecting some other download option. In this case you are offered a DOI download. However, this article does not have an assigned DOI and Zotero recognizes the DOI of one of the items in the reference list. Thus, using the DOI option will bring you the metadata for a different article.

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