How to use zotero plug with word 365

edited December 21, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I share here a procedure to get the Zotero oglet in word 365 under windows. I did not find the perfect solution on the forum and I searched alone. Like that, it's functional!

Here is the procedure:
1. Open a Word document
2. Go to "File"
3. Choose "option"
4. Choose "advanced options" from the drop-down menu
5. Go down to the "General" chapter and click on "File Location"
6. A window appears. Double click on the line "Startup Files". DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS WINDOW !!!!!!!!
7. Carefully record/note/copy the way in the address bar at the top of the window (to reveal it easily just click on this address bar and copy the address.
8. Open a new window of disk C for example
9. Paste the address in this window. You must then have access to an empty window called STARTUP
10. Find the Zotero tab creation file on a other window:
Disk C> program Files (x86)> zotero> extension>> Install> Zotero.dotm
11. COPY this file and do not move it !!!!!!
12. Paste the Zotero.dotm file into the Word STARTUP window
13. Close all the windows and the word document
14. Open word and it works
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