Impossible to cancel a libreoffice action with zotero installed

edited September 9, 2019
While I am writing a thesis project, I realize that zotero seems to have disabled important libreoffice features. Thus, the "return-cancellation" action (arrow allowing to cancel one or more previous actions) no longer works... When I click on the different actions I want to cancel, "zotero action" appears first and nothing happens. Have you ever encountered this problem?
Thank you in advance for the solutions you can provide me.
  • Bonjour, je relance la discussion pour obtenir un peu d'aide, s'il vous plaĆ®t !
  • This shouldn't happen unless you get errors from the Zotero libreoffice plugin in the first place. What version of LibreOffice are you running? Restarting should fix the problem.
  • Thank you for your answer.
    I've updated libreoffice to fix the problem but it's still there. My version of libreoffice is (x64). Is there a new, and stable, version ?
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