Locate File?

How may i locate the file that is causing this error? The file is too large for my WebDav upload limitations ( >250 MB).

Report ID: 1043571321


W. Hill
  • A file upload failed due to insufficient space on the WebDAV server.
    You're getting this for multiple files. Are you sure you aren't just over your quota on the server?

    If you really think it's due to individual files, you can paste the 8-character strings (e.g., '5D4UKPEV') shown in the error report into the Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode.
  • I thought of that and checked. No, I am not over my limit on the server. I will try what you suggested. Thanks!
  • I am not seeing the "all fields and tag" mode. Can you point me in the right direction?
  • edited September 7, 2019
    Nevermind. I found it. I am glad it wasn't a snake. :P
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