Disambiguation for same author, same year, different original dates

Hello everybody

Very specialized bug/problem: I have several entries for the collected works of an author, where I have also added original date of publication.

In the text it looks like this: (Author 2015a, 2015b, 2015c).

But in the reference list it looks like this:
Author. (1741a) 2015. Title etc.
Author. (1747b) 2015. Title etc.
Author. (1749c) 2015. Title etc.

I.e. the letter disambiguation is added to original rather than publication year. Any idea what's happening or how to fix this?

I'm using an edited version of Chicago 17th.
  • You can use <year-suffix> to place the suffix.I don't think it's in the spec, but if you use it in one location, you have to use it everywhere.
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