Existing bibliography not being detected

  • I am having a similar problem. I previously created a bibliography with Zotero, and all was working fine. A month later, I am trying to add new citations. Zotero wants to know what style the new bibliography will be. I want these to go into the existing bibliography. Help! I have a deadline!
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    Generally that means the existing citations and bibliography are no longer active fields, which happens if you save the document in some other format (e.g., not .docx when using Word) or run it through another program (e.g., Google Docs without the appropriate conversion steps). It would obviously also happen if you used Unlink Citations.

    If you click on an existing citation or bibliography, is it shaded gray? If you right-click on it, can you choose Toggle Field Codes and see code, or is it just plain text?

    If the answer to those is no, you'd have to restore from a backup of the document.
  • Yes, it is shaded grey. Actually, I ended up just doing the new citations in a separate field, and then pasting them into the document bibliography. So now its real messy, some in zotero, some not. I am trying to unlink the citations, but word freezes up, and I have to force shutdown. This is really is annoying.
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