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  • I don't have a "tools" option located on my screen, so basically cant access the sync option to create citations. Any ideas how to get the tool option to display?
  • @dstillman Could we split off this last question.

    @MKWC could you explain exactly what you are trying to do and having trouble with?
  • (But the most likely reason you wouldn't have a Tools menu is if you're looking on the website rather than using the Zotero program on your computer.)
  • there is no zotero tab in word when I changed to mac. all solutions say to enable it in 'tools' in zotero. there is no tools tab in zotero. could someone please answer where 'tools' is supposed to be and stop asking 'what are you trying to do exactly?'

    what i ma exactly trying to do is have my question answered :0
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    @gregbible: Tools is a menu in Zotero, along with File, Edit, Window, and Help. If you don't see it, you're almost certainly looking in the wrong place, and you should take a screenshot of where you're looking, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here.
  • For those who have this problem in the future:
    If you have just switched to Mac from Windows, you are likely looking for the menu in the wrong place. Open Zotero, and then scroll curser over the very top of the computer screen. A menu bar should appear with File, Edit, Tools, etc. This bar is hidden unless you scroll over it, and can be a problem for new Mac users.
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