APA Style 6th edition no issue number

How do you create an APA 6th edition bibliography without issue numbers for journals? I see a style that omits issue numbers and doi but I want to keep the doi
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    You'd delete line 1059 in the "locators" macro: text variable="issue" prefix="(" suffix=")"/

    Make sure to change self-link, ID and the filename, otherwise your style will be overwritten.
  • Personally, I recommend you just keep the issue numbers. There are some journals that do need it due to restarting numbering with each issue, and it is always helpful to the reader for looking up the article.

    All journals will accept the references with issue numbers. They may remove them during typesetting, but they will accept them during submission.

    The APA 7th edition style coming in a few weeks will always include the issue number.
  • Really, the 7th edition is going to include them? My institution requires I follow APA 6th but they might waive that if there's going to be a change.a are you aware of a link that mentions some of the changes in APA?
  • Thanks so much!
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