How to add members to group?

I've invited a member to be a part of my group. She said that she tried to join, but I need to "approve her membership". I don't see where to approve her and I have received no notification about this. Please help!
  • Generally they should just be able to join if they've been invited, unless the invitation was revoked or they try to join using a different account.

    If they've applied to join the group, depending on your notification settings you should have gotten an email, or only a message on this site (the inbox link at the top right). Those would link you to the groups "Members settings" where you can approve any pending applications to join the group.
  • My friend is having a problem getting added to the Group.

    1) She has signed into Zotero and requested access to the group, I never got the link to give her membership

    2) I have sent her an invitation from the Group page. She received the email and clicked on the link, but was not added to the Group.

    What is the next step? thanks.
  • Still waiting for an answer.
    Group ZombieList
  • Try using the copy of the messages in the "Inbox" here on the site if email doesn't seem to work.
  • Group type: Public, Closed Membership
    1) She created an account in Zotero.
    2) I sent her the invitation through the Group invite.
    3) She got the email (do you need to see it)? I can get a copy
    4) She clicked on the link a couple of weeks later.
    5) She did not move to Current Members.
    6) Last week, while in a Zoom meeting with her.
    7) I Canceled her invitation.
    8) Sent her a new invitation, under the same name.
    9) She got the email and clicked on the link.
    10) She still is not in Current Members.

    Can you troubleshoot? thank you.
  • @Boettcher: As @fcheslack says above, if they're invited, they should be able to just join the group, with or without the email. If that's not possible, it's possible they've logged into an account with a different email address. (I'm not sure what happens if you click an invitation link for a different account, but I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't work either.) Associated email addresses can be checked and added from the account settings.
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