Style - Problem with 'subsequent-author-substitute'


I build a style based on "Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note)".

I'm almost done. I use 'subsequent-author-substitute = "—," ' to avoid repeating the name of the author The delimiter I use is the comma. I would like to have no comma after the dash. Here is an example:

Bunge M., 2006, Chasing Reality : Strife over Realism, Toronto, University of Toronto Press.
—, 2012, « The Correspondence Theory of Truth », Semiotica, no 188: 65–75.

I tried several things, but without success. It seems to be "hard coded", i.e. it is not possible to treat the dash separately from the contributors.

Is there a way to not displaying the comma after the dash ?


  • I don't think so, no. Since the author is getting substituted, if you want a comma after the author, you'll get one after the substitute. (FWIW, it's standard to keep the punctuation after authors in citation styles using substitutes)
  • It's the delimiter for the name, there isn't any way of suppressing it that I know of. Your best bet would probably be to just do a find and replace after finalizing the bibliography.
  • OK thanks to both of you.

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