Displaying original work for a translation - Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note, with Ibid.)


I'm using "Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note, with Ibid.)".

I'd like to have the orginal Title, Publisher, Publisher Place and Date in the bibliography.

I enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

Author: Kuhn, Thomas
Translator: Meyer, Laure
Title: La structure des révolutions scientifiques
Publisher: Flammarion
Place: Paris
Date: 2003

In the Extra field, I enter the following information:

original-title: The structure of scientific revolutions
original-publisher: University of Chicago Press
original-publisher-place: Chicago, Ill.
original-date: 1962

The results is almost perfect except for two glitches:

Kuhn, Thomas. La structure des révolutions scientifiques. Traduit par Laure Meyer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1962. Reprint, Paris: Flammarion, 2003.

Original Publisher, Publisher Place and Date are printed but not the original Title, and there is word, 'Reprint', which is not suppose to be there. I didn't enter that word in any field in Zotero. I suppose the word is generated automatically by the style.

Is there a way to print the original Title and to remove 'Reprint'?


  • Not without editing the Chicago Manual style, which I'm afraid isn't trivial. The "Reprint" is due to the section in the Manual dealing most closely with these types of materials, but it's obviously not perfect and note localized. How many translations do you cite? If this is just a few, it may be easiest to just fix this manually once you're done.
  • OK thanks. I don't have much translations. I'll do it by hands.

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