Zotfile: Annotation hyperlinks opening in Preview (Mac) instead of default PDF reader

Hi -

New Zotero user. How do I get annotation hyperlinks to open in the default PDF reader that I have set up (PDF Expert)? Currently, if I extract annotations from a PDF, it has hyperlinks to the actual page. When I click on that hyperlink, it does take me to that page, but it does so in Preview instead of the default reader that I have set up. Zotero is set to that default reader, as is my Mac as far as I know. Still Preview pops up for this specific action every time.

  • In the Zotero preferences go to Advanced --> Config editor click past the warning and then filter for

    You'll see this set to Preview. I don't actually know what to set it to, but first thing I'd try would be to just delete Preview and see if that causes it to use your system or Zotero default. Otherwise, figure out the exact application name for PDF Expert and put that in as a string.
  • @rumlah: According to the changelog, changing that preference from "Preview" to "PDF Expert" may work. (I'm actually not sure why this ZotFile code wasn't just removed now that Zotero support custom PDF readers and page opening.)
  • worked like a charm. Thank you!
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