How to assign hyperlinks to citations and the bibligraphies in Word?

Hi everyone!
If I use Zotero to insert citations, like 'Zotero is a good software [1]', and there are bibligraphies in the end ,like [1] David D. XXX
How can I assign hyperlinks to [1], so that if I click [1], the view will jump to the bibligraphy in the end?
I know Endnote can achieve this, can Zotero also?
Thank you!
  • No, you can't do that with Zotero, sorry.
  • Well, Thank you adamsmith!
  • By the way, does anybody find this function useful? Maybe it can be a new feature?
  • The question has been asked many times in the forums (search for "hyperlink" and you'll find various discussions), and many people want it, but it's technically difficult to add given the way that Zotero integrates with MS Word. One option to do this is to use a macro within Word, which I believe has been posted in some of the old discussions, but it may require some specialized technical knowledge to implement. If it's important to you, I'd suggest trying that.
  • Thank you so much djross3!
    It's my fault not to search for related questions in advance.
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