Include ALL AUTHORS in bibliography citation

I am looking for a citation style that uses (author, date) in text and has an alphabetically organised bibliography. This is common, but every time I think I find a good one I apply it to my document and some of the author's names are not included in the long form of the reference.

Please suggest citation styles that include ALL of the listed authors in the bibliography.

Thank you very much for your assistance.
  • Elsevier Harvard e.g.
  • That works! And has the nice indent for lines that follow the first, which doesn't happen with EMBO, the only other one I found after loads of searching.

    Thanks again.

    If anyone has other suggestions, I'm still interested in hearing about them. Cheers.
  • I am using Elsevier Harvard 2, because for some reason the Elsevier Harvard with no number, but with titles won't download.

    Normally, it includes all of the authors, except I have one reference where it says "et al."

    Is there a way to fix this? The reference is below:

    Itoh, Y., Shinya, K., Kiso, M., Watanabe, T., Sakoda, Y., et al., 2009. In vitro and in vivo characterization of new swine-origin H1N1 influenza viruses. Nature 460, 1021–5.
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    I like "Emerald journals (Harvard)" a lot. It puts the year into parentheses and surrounds the title with quotation marks. It can be downloaded from the Zotero citation repository:

    Daily, M.D., Upadhyaya, T.J. and Gray, J.J. (2008), “Contact rearrangements form coupled networks from local motions in allosteric proteins.”, Proteins, Vol. 71 No. 1, pp. 455–466.

    Note: Sorry about that, didn't know that it also truncated, It shows more authors than other styles I used, which truncated, so I thought it would be fine
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    "Emerald journals (Harvard)" will also include only 7 authors before et al. I don't recall which style has an un-truncated list of authors off the top of my head. adamsmith should know though.

    Edit: Actually what adamsmith said originally is what you want. Try downloading again. It may have been a temporary server glitch.
  • Sorry about that, my references had all less than 7 authors and I didn't notice that
  • Elsevier Harvard 2 should also print all authors. I have no idea why it doesn't for deenab7. If you can still reproduce that, we'd be interested in seeing the data for that reference
    (export as Zotero RDF, open the file with a text editor (e.g. notepage), copy it's contents to the window at, click "create public gist" at the bottom of the screen and provide the URL here)
  • I found "Vancouver (brackets, no "et al.")(2016-06-19 21:20:29)" also works well in this way.


    Hisakata R, Nishida S, Johnston A. An adaptable metric shapes perceptual space. Curr Biol [Internet]. 2016 Jul 25 [cited 2016 Oct 3];26(14):1911–5. Available from:
  • (The original request was for an autor-date style. There are many numeric options without et al)
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